The Start

So here it is, the start of something new at the end of another year.

At this time of the season we all start reflecting on our plans and dreams and what we may have achieved in the past year. Well, I have been freelancing full time now since August. I have been wanting to sort out my blog for ages, but as every good designer knows creativity takes a lot of time, which leads me into why I decided to take the leap into self employment. Some people think it’s crazy to throw in the towel on a full time design job, especially when jobs are so hard to grab at the moment. I felt like my life was one big rush, the constant demands, deadlines and workload meant I couldn’t fully enjoy the work I was churning out and I actually started to doubt my creative ability. Don’t get me wrong I’m not scared of hard work but alarm bells were ringing, once you start to lose passion for your passion, then something definitely needs to change. I could feel my positivity draining away from me and I knew that no two week holiday in the sun would make it alright.

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So, being freelance means full creative freedom which in short is what designing is all about. It’s hard to be free as a creative when you feel constrained by society, when those strings are released the work flows so much easier and in turn you are happier. So here we are, freelancing again and feeling very positive about what the new year brings.

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